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Tyros 5 DVDs?

I have not been any Tyros 5 tutorial DVDs.   Does anyone know of any?

As an arranger newbie I'm mainly interested in how to make great performances rather than explanation of all functions and reference manual material.

keith ball

Hi Ian, I did this Article quite some time ago. Maybe give you a few pointers..

Construction and Variations to ‘Create’ a song!

I think to make a song interesting we need to consider careful use of the Variations available to us on the particular Keyboard. Some have 4, some have only 2…………To use the variations on the Keyboard properly we need to give thought to the ‘Structure’ of the song, the ‘ups and downs’ whether it is the ‘Verse’ or the ‘Chorus’, a Break, the beginning, or the Ending of the song.

To do this we need to know the song very well from past experience or obtain recordings to listen to. I use good midi files to listen to in the Keyboard, play along to and listen to other people’s ideas. Then I try to add my own ‘originality’ with my own preferences, what I like about the song and omitting what I don’t like from the song.

How I construct a song!

The Intro!

I generally dislike using ‘canned’ Intro’s, so I usually start in several ways.

1. I play the last few Bars of the song and go on from there
2. I don’t use any Intro at all and just kick straight into the song
3. I use an Arpeggio Multi-Pad as a starting point
4. I use an Intro if it is only very suitable for the song. There is a point to this though. If you use this option then use the same voices in your first variation as those that are in the ‘canned’ Intro. It sounds more ‘natural’ as the two sounds blend together better.
5. I use ‘Custom’ made Styles Balanced to the correct volumes and Voices.

This is not exhaustive though and other players will no doubt have other ideas!

The Registration!

I think about the full Construction of the song and so you need a ‘Plan’. Consider all the parts of the song and plan how to use your keyboard Variations to best effect. Use your Registration Memory for this, selecting each ‘part of the song.’ To a Registration Button, using all 8 if necessary. Do this even if you use a Custom Style as often the voices contained therein will not be what you like. Change them to suit yourself………. A thing I do at this point is to Re-name the style as the name of the song for future use.

The Variations!

Of course this depends on how you wish the song to be portrayed. I like to ‘Build’ a song to a Climax. I Have a four variation keyboard so I can build from Variation 1 up to Variation 4 quite easily. This obviously changes with every song and practice and patience is required……… I may just use a couple of the Variations depending on that song.

As an Example, I would program as thus:
Button 1……… Variation 2 to start for the first Verse,
Button 2 ………Variation 3 for the Chorus
Button 3 ………Variation 3 plus an Extra Voice or perhaps add Left Hand Strings for the Verse
Button 4 ………Variation 3 for a short ‘Break’ used as an Alternative Chorus and improvisation
Button 5 ………Variation 4 for the Finale and Climax to the song. Adding Left hand Strings, Choir of whatever suits the song.

Multi-pads can also be programmed into the Registration Buttons for added effects. A ‘Tip’ though. Don’t overdo them as it can detract from the song!

The Ending!

Depends really on what the style can do, but my preference is using Ending 1 as it’s the shortest one. Short and Sweet!
You can of course finish without a Canned Ending. It’s really your choice. If using a Custom Style then use the best Ending there, as it is of course Custom made for the song and will finish it off properly. One point though is use the same voices in the last part of the song as the chosen Ending variation. Sounds more professional imho.

Hope this helps describe my way of doing things regarding keyboard set-ups! But most of all……Have Fun!

have a nice day
Bill 1

Hi Ian

I have not seen any about at the moment.  However there were several produced for previous models.  Looking at things from getting the best performance point of view, the only difference between the T5 and all the other Tyros models is the Ensemble Feature. So you might benefit from just buying one of the earlier DVD's.  Technically the only thing that does need to be learned is how to use Registrations properly.

There is one at the link below.

Another thing that us older guy frequently struggle with is how to use the SA2 type voices effectively.  Many of us leant of Home Organs which simply played a flat sound (without expression other than a volume pedal) These days you need to try and understand how a real woodwind or guitar player plays his instrument to get the best effect.  I have put another link below to a short document which you may find useful.  It not mine and I cannot remember where I got it from, but no matter.


This is an excellent thread by all contributors.


positive  positive  positive

Eileen L may produce a Dvd in the summer.
Believe it all depends if there is an improvement in facilities promised by Yamaha.

Neville and Bill 1,

Thanks for your support and valuable information.

I also need help to understand the Part Select and Part ON/OFF buttons.  Are these always to be manually set for every song?  My thoughts until now is that should the style itself not set up and activate certain parts?

To me at present it does not appear possible to play the arranger,  in a full mode,  on-the-run.  i.e.  I would need to previously setup four voices and adjust three split points.   Is this what "setting up a registration means"?

Perhaps there are some examples around that cover setting up a specific song?

Bill 1

Hi Ian

First off - Have a look at the Messages section on the Main Screen.

Part Select is a button that determines which of the 4 voices you wish to change / Alter.

The Voices that are active i.e. "ON"  have been set when the Style was created. These can be altered as required during play.  They can also be set up within a registration 1-8  so that as you sequence through the reg. buttons everything will change as you have arranged.  There are many many things that can be setup within a registration.  On the link shown in the PM I have included a list of all the parameters that the Registrations can memorise.

Have a work through the docs on the PM and get back if you need more help.   I'm sure that several others will also help shortly.
You can also setup many changes in the OTS of the Style and re-save it as a specific song style.

There is shed loads of Tutorials etc at the two links below


Just read your reply and that's a great help.  I'll be checking it all out tomorrow.


Ps do you happen to know if there is a limit to how many midi files I can put in a Tyros 5 folder?

Looks like 500 files in one folder is the limit

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