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Keyboard Kaperman

The New Tyros 5 76 Note Keyboard

Fellow members,
I have placed my order for the new Tyros 5 76 note keyboard from: Frank has prices and is taking orders now.
He has good prices and good service. His number in Connecticut is:
203 876-1133  Tell him Lloyd Erickson sent you.  Lloyd positive  jump
Keyboard Kaperman

Tyros 4 Sold

Yesterday I sold my Tyros 4. I placed an ad on Craigslist and within two hours I received a email from a person who was very interested in buying my Tyros4. We set up a time and he bought at my price.
Since I have an order in the new Tyros I have a looooong wait ahead of me.
Anybody want to lend me their T4 till my T5 arrives? I didn't think so. ahah

Hi Lloyd,

I also buy from Frank V. at Audioworks. I was a little surprised that the new Tyros 5 is quite a bit more expensive than the Tyros 4 was. I am not pre-ordering because I want to know all the details first.

Tom G.

Could we please have an idea of the price structure

I encourage US buyers to contact Frank at AudioworksCT when they are doing their Tyros shopping. I am not comfortable with revealing the price I have been quoted but I am sure Frank will happily work with you and give you a price you will like.

Tom G.

Won't believe it til I see it. Den
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