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Electone Museum

People with an interest in the History of Yamaha Organs may enjoy looking in the Electone Museum.
Electone Museum HERE

My first Yamaha

Thanks for the link Keith. Just found my first Yamaha organ, the B35N. At the time (1978) it was a brand spanking new model, I loved it, hard work but great. Part exchanged it using a Cavendish organ, for some unknown reason I could'nt get on with the Cavendish.


thanks for the link keith it brought some memmorys for me Very Happy
keith ball

Yes indeed it is a very informative site. Very Happy
Linda K

Hi Keith

Thanks for the link.

I brought a D-85 second hand in 2006 for $500.

They sold new in Australia in 1980 for $25000.

After I brought my Tyros, I gave the D-85 to a work collegue who had a long time desire to own an Organ. Even though my friend had never played a musical instrument before, she was very quick in learning to play this lovely organ yes

Linda K

Yamaha has closed down the electone museum, if you need information about yamaha organs use this site
and go for the history of products, on this site you can also find manuals for almost all yamaha organs.

keith ball

Thanks Leo, I didn't realise that it had been shut down. However where there's a will there's a way. I've found a snapshot of the site in the Web Archives HERE

Jon D

Hi there Keith,
         Thank you for that posting brought back memories just shows how things have progressed all the best cheers my friend. positive
                   Jon D. have a nice day
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